The most important tips for anybody learning to hip roll...

Anybody can learn how to hip roll as long as you have legs and a body. You don't need to have big hips (men without hips can hip roll too) or be especially curvy. Being curvy just lets you get away with doing less and still look sexy.

1. Get a mirror.

There really isn't anything magical about that. I learned in the doorway of my bathroom. Hip rolling doesn't look like it feels. That is, you may feel like your doing it, but actually look way off. A mirror will help you understand what it actually feels like to look how you want to look.

2.  Its ALL in your Legs

This kind of goes hand in hand with the how it feels vs how it looks. Your hips are connected directly to your legs. There are no muscles on your hips. If you hip roll for 10 minutes you will feel it in your thighs first, followed by your abs depending on how hard your rolling.

3. Sit into it

The lower you get, the easier it is to roll your hips. My break through, was sitting and poking my butt out slightly. This basically gives your more room to move the parts that need to get in motion. Still need extra help? Hip roll really can be as easy as learning to walk.

4. More Tips?

Learn how to hip roll in 1 DAY with the easy to follow steps at Rock That Body Studio.

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